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Free Advice & Guidance

Although education is no longer free the team at Medical Doorway believe getting reliable advice empowering you to make the right decision should be. This is why our advice and guidance is always 100% FREE OF CHARGE. You are going to be making a big investment in terms of tuition fees, living expenses and time so don’t waste money determining if studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine abroad is the right option for you.

We put you at the heart of everything we do and our principle of offering honest and transparent advice and guidance enables you to make a truly informed choice. This means you avoid the stress and indignity of dealing with fee charging agents that will tell you anything to take money out of your pocket.

“We put you at the heart of everything we do”

Free Application Management

Part of the strategy employed by fee charging agencies is to make the application process sound so difficult and insurmountable that you feel the need to pay their extortionate fees. This is simply unethical and our approach is to demystify the application processes by offering FREE APPLICATION ASSISTANCE.

It is true that different countries, universities and often universities within one country have different processes. Medical Doorway work directly with all of our partner universities meaning we know their selection and admission policies and procedures in detail. We are able to streamline these for you and ensuring you are ready to apply and are prepared for the different processes at each university you choose to apply to.

That being said there are some costs levied by universities to apply and other costs associated with processing your documentation and these vary from university to university so see below for more information.

“Our approach is to demystify the application processes”

Transition Support

Providing advice and managing your application are only really the start of the process. The most important stage is accepting your offer, enrolling at your university and settling into your new life as an international Medical, Dental or Veterinary student; this is where Medical Doorway excels. Our UK based pre-departure support as well as our in country assistance will help you in this important phase.

Depending on the university and enrolment point you may be able to attend one of our amazing pre-departure briefings which give you an insight into the transition and adjustment process as well as preparing you for the realities of your journey to university. Arranging accommodation (either in university accommodation or a private apartment), opening bank accounts and university registration are some of the things our growing team are on hand to assist with.

“Preparing you for the realities of your journey to university”

So What Does it Cost?

If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. While our advice and application assistance is free of charge applying to university unfortunately isn’t. There are some costs you will need to prepare for but thankfully we work hard to minimise these costs for you. The exact cost depends on which university or universities you choose to apply to. Here is an estimate of costs you should expect:

  • Application Fees – Some universities charge an application fee while other don’t
          • Between £0 – £150 depending on the university


  • Entrance Exam Fees – If the university has an entrance examination expect to pay a small examination fee
          • Between £50 – £250 depending on the university


  • Legalisation Fees – Some universities require your documents to undergo various levels of legalisation
    • Between £80 – £400 depending on the number of documents and kind of legalisation required
    • You can appoint your own solicitor/notary or Medical Doorway can handle this for you


  • Translation Fees – Rarely required these days but one or two universities still require this
      • Estimated at about £100


  • Courier Delivery – Your legalised documentation should be securely couriered to your university
      • Estimated cost of courier to Europe is £35


“We work hard to minimise these costs for you”

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