Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Situated in the west of Poland about half way between Warsaw and the German capital of Berlin, Poznan University of Medical Sciences can trace its history back to 1919 and today boats an impressive academic offer which is immensely popular with students from across the world. Like many Polish medical university Poznan offers a comprehensive approach with a six year medical and five year dentistry programme both of which are open to school leavers as well as a four year graduate entry medicine programme which is open to graduates from certain pre-medical or biomedical science degree programmes.

Teaching in English for over twenty years Poznan has built up a wide range of academic collaborations with universities across the globe. The university also boasts an exceptional pass rate for the USMLE, so if pursing your career in the USA is something you find interesting there are fewer places better to prepare you for this future. If you wish to pursue your education in one of Poland’s largest cities then Poznan University of Medical Sciences could be just the university you are looking for.

If you are an UK/EU citizen your degree enables you to apply for registration with the GMC or GDC. Study at Poznan University of Medical Sciences with Medical Doorway.

How to apply

Medical Doorway organises exclusive entrance examinations and interviews for Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Complete the application form which can be found below or complete the enquiry form on the right of this page and we will answer any questions you have and get you ready for your future as a Doctor or Dentist.

Poznan University Application Form

2018 Entrance Examinations

Saturday 7th July - London
Sunday 8th July - London

Poznan University of Medical Sciences Fast Facts!

  • One of Poland's top Medical Faculties
  • Centrally located campus in one of Poland's largest cities
  • Six year or Four year (grad entry) Medicine programme
  • Five year Dentistry programme
  • Local airport serviced by flights from across Europe
  • Teaching in English for over twenty years

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Tuition fees at Poznan University

Medicine 58,000 PLN/€13,500 est. per year (6 years)
Medicine 64,000 PLN/€15,000 est. per year (4 year graduate entry)
Dentistry 58,000 PLN/€13,500 est. per year (5 years)

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