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With Spanish being one the most widespread languages in the world, Spain has become one of the most popular international study destinations. Add to this the fact that more Spanish universities are teaching in English then the high quality provision that Spain is famous for is open to even more students.

Studying in Spain means you benefit from access to world-class facilities in one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting countries. Spain has a lot to offer students and we are not just talking about Madrid and Barcelona. Spain is a diverse country with mountains, world famous coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and vibrant city locations that all have their own distinctive culture.

For those wanting to purse studying Dentistry in Spain then you should look no further than CEU Universidad San Pablo in the capital city of Madrid. Being located in the heart of the vibrant capital and having access to world-class facilities is one of the main reasons this is the university of choice for tomorrow’s aspiring dental professionals.

When not studying, Madrid is rightly regarded as one of the world’s most dynamic capitals with thousands of cafés, bars and restaurants where you can chill out after a heavy week in classes. As a popular tourist city there is also a lot to see and do with museums, parks and regular concerts. Spanish cities are also connected by one of Europe’s most efficient train networks with high-speed (travelling up to 186mph) AVE trains linking the major cities. This makes Barcelona reachable in only two hours and forty minutes while Seville is only two and a half hours away. While Spain is well known for having some of the finest beach resorts in the world you can also spend your weekends skiing or visiting some of the lesser known parts of the Iberian Peninsula.

Making the choice to purse your dentistry studies in Spain is an easy one and you will develop a global network of friends and colleagues with whom you will have shared a memorable five years studying for your future career.

Spain Fast Facts

  • Official Name - Kingdom of Spain
  • Population - 46,464,053
  • Capital City - Madrid
  • Currency - Euro (EUR)
  • National Day - October 12th

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