Czech Test Prep

To help students prepare for their Czech entrance exams, Medical Doorway have developed Czech Test Prep. This is a bespoke and unique programme providing a series of recorded lectures and sample questions. Czech Test Prep does not replace your current or previous studies but sits alongside and helps cover content that you may not have studied.

In addition to the lectures there are a series of past paper questions arranged into responsive quizzes. These enable you to you test your newly acquired knowledge and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How to get access to Czech Test Prep

Getting access to Czech Test Prep is easy. Applicants registering for two or more Medical Doorway examinations are granted free access to the full course from registration until the day of their final exam.

Non-Medical Doorway Student

Access to Medical Doorway’s Czech Test Prep is now available to all students at only £699 per module.

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