Exciting development to Czech Test Prep

Medical Doorway are delighted to announce an exciting new development for students applying to study Medicine or Dentistry in Czech Republic. We have approved a large financial investment and commenced a comprehensive upgrade of our Czech Test Prep package. This new course is designed to enhance existing knowledge and cover additional areas in the run up to Czech medical faculty entrance examinations.

Hosted on our Virtual Learning Environment, the new Czech Test Prep will constitute a full online preparation course. Utilising our established links, the course is being developed by academics and researchers from UK universities. Once fully completed, we expect forty to fifty hours of lectures to be available. This will be in addition to the hundreds of sample questions we have already developed.

Medical Doorway students will receive a new unique login to access Czech Test Prep.

Medical Doorway students will receive a unique username to access our exclusive Czech Test Prep course.

Phase one (which will constitute the Maths section) is due to be completed by the middle of May. Phase two will follow and include Biology and Chemistry. The third phase will compete the lecture series with a range of Physics lectures. Finally, all of our existing sample questions and new ones will be migrated to the new site.

Medical Doorway students will be provided with their own unique username and password for Czech Test Prep. Despite being a large and effective resource, Czech Test Prep will stay true to our founding philosophy and be 100% FREE of charge for Medical Doorway students applying to our multiple Czech faculties.

The new preparation course is being installed on its own site and will be accessible at www.czechtestprep.com.

All students for Medical Doorway’s July exams will be granted access once Phase one is completed.

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