Graduate Entry Medicine entrance exams (PUMS)

Medical Doorway were busy supporting students on the Poznan University of Medical Science entrance exams on 1st and 2nd July. Nearly all students were applying to the university’s unique four-year graduate entry medicine programme. Once again the entrance exams were held at Birkbeck University of London.

The Poznan examination is much more comprehensive than many others. Students first took a multiple-choice examination assessing knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. A short personal aptitude paper was then sat. Once the papers were marked, a thirty minute interview followed. This further probed their scientific knowledge and motivations to study medicine in Poland. All applicants received offers for the four year advanced MD programme or the standard six year MD course.

Professor Katarzyna Ziemnicka (Vice-Director of the Center for Medical Education in English) and Professor Grzegorz Dworacki (Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty) travelled to the UK for the exams.  Our guests from Poland were supported by Ben Ambrose who co-ordinated the day and received the offer letters.

Poznan University of Medical Science

Ben Ambrose with Professor Katarzyna Ziemnicka & Professor Grzegorz Dworacki of Poznan University of Medical Science

Poznan University of Medical Science is one of Poland’s most prestigious universities with a diverse cohort of students in attendance. The unique offer is their four year graduate entry programme with integrated USMLE preparation. Unlike credit recognition offered by some less prestigious universities (for nothing more than financial gain), the programme at Poznan is a specially designed Graduate Entry Medicine programme recognised in the UK and USA.


Exams were conducted over two sittings with students receiving offers on the day of their exam.

Students will be enrolling at Poznan University of Medical Science on  24th August and will be supported by Medical Doorway. Poznan itself is a large city of over 500,000 people with a huge student population. With direct flights from London or a single train journey from Berlin, the university is in a very convenient location.

If you want to study a four-year medicine programme in this world class university with exceptional facilities we can still register you for the exams in Poland. Make your application now by clicking the button below and take the first step to studying at Poznan University of Medical Science.

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