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Applications are now fully open for the September 2017 enrolment in the Czech Republic. Medical Doorway represents more medical faculties in the Czech Republic than anyone else. This means we give you the best opportunity to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine at universities that are flying high in the global rankings.

Do you aspire to study at the oldest medial faculty in central Europe (Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine), study medicine in the heart of the Motol Hospital (Charles University 2nd Faculty of Medicine) or study and live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country (Charles University in Hradec Kralove)? If so Medical Doorway gives you three chances to secure a seat at Charles University. This is the most well know collegiate university in central Europe.

While many students are attracted to Charles University, there are two extremely popular universities in the southern Czech Republic. Masaryk University, named after the founding president of Czechoslovakia boasts some of the most modern teaching faculties in Europe. Situated in the second city of Brno, the university is popular with students who want to live in a vibrant city but avoiding the cost associated with a capital. Brno is also serviced by its own airport meaning getting to and from the city is a breeze. If you need a break from your studies you are a single bus ride from Austrian capital Vienna, or perhaps spend a weekend in Prague? Brno is also home to UVPS for those budding veterinary surgeons.

Palacky University in Olomouc has a history dating back to the 1590’s. The oldest university in Moravia it is found in a university town of 100,000 people. This is ideally suited to those students who want the convenience of walking from place to place. Despite being a smaller town, nearly 20% of the population of Olomouc are students. This means there is always something going on that provides a welcome break from your medicine or dentistry studies.


How do I apply to Study Medicine in Czech Republic?

You can apply to all of the universities in less than ten minutes; yes we have timed it! Get a scanned copy of your passport ready and complete our Central Application Form. Here you can fill in a single application form for all the options in Czech Republic. Upload a copy of you passport and hit the submit button.

You will then be contacted about getting the entrance exams booked?


When can I sit the exams?

Exams are held in the UK in three cycles scheduled before and after A-level examinations. April is the first cycle and is open to all students. If you are a non-EU/EEA candidate you are required to sit the exams in April. This allows enough time to apply for a student visa if you accept an offer. April is also popular with graduates, gap year students and those that simply want to clear the exams before taking their A-levels.

The second set of entrance exams happen in July after A-levels exams. This period is very popular with school leavers. There are also some opportunities in August for those that apply after the release of A-level results.

Here is a list of all our 2017 entrance exam dates.

Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine Entrance Exam

A large number of students sat the London entrance exam for Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine.

Are there any exemptions from the entrance exams?

The good news is yes!

If you have already sat your A-levels or IB in 2016 or earlier, Medical Doorway can secure your direct admission on Medicine or Dentistry. This would be at Charles University in Hradec Kralove. You will need to have Biology, Chemistry and either Maths or Physics at AAB at A-level or 6,6,5 in the IB.

There are a limited number of seats for direct entry and the deadline is strictly 5th May 2017. If you qualify for this you should get your application in as soon as possible.


Preparing for the exam

While A-level or IB content is similar to much of the exam we advise all students to prepare in advance. In addition to standard materials provided by us and the universities we offer 100% FREE access to Medical Doorway Czech Test Prep. This is an online question bank based on sample and past papers. It is constantly being updated so grows all the time.

Here is an example of some of the questions and the style of the Czech Test Prep.

[WpProQuiz 5]

Once you have enrolled and register for the exams with Medical Doorway you will be given access to the full Czech Test Prep Package.

This package is exclusive and unique to Medical Doorway applicants (sitting the exams in London) and gives you the advantage over applicants applying direct or with other agencies.


I passed the exam. Do I get further support?

What makes Medical Doorway unique is the support we give to all students heading to the Czech Republic. Again this support is FREE of charge so all you will have paid for is the entrance exam.

Our pre-departure briefings are very well received by students and parents. The Medical Doorway team spent years working in the UK University sector and as frontline clinicians, as such you will find that our briefings are second to none and fully research informed.

2016 is a record year for enrolment on Czech Medical and Dental programmes.

2016 Czech Pre-Departure Briefing.

Once you have arrived in Czech we are there to get you enrolled and settled in your new home. Travel permit purchasing, mobile phone set-up and bank account arranging are just some of the things we assist you with.

Most of all, our “Welcome Events” are famous and the best way for students to get to know each other. Parents will also have the chance to network with other parents. This is the ideal ice-breaker before starting your studies in arguably the most popular destination in central Europe for medical and dental study.

If you want to know more read about our recent enrolments below or get in touch with us at [email protected] or call on +44(0)1782-898151.


Ben Ambrose from Medical Doorway with Palacky University students and parents

Ben Ambrose from Medical Doorway with Palacky University students and parents

Read about our Czech Republic 2016 enrolments here:

Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine 2016 Enrolment

Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove 2016 Enrolment

Masaryk Univerity 2016 Enrolment

Palacky University 2016 Enrolment

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