Study Medicine in Europe presentation at The Emirates Stadium

Medical Doorway were specially invited to present Study Medicine in Europe at The Emirates Stadium. Part of the annual The Student World exhibition, Ben Ambrose spoke to over fifty career counsellors about the available opportunities.

The Student World host an annual “huddle” the day before the exhibition. Counsellors and career advisors from across the country are invited to this unique event. Given the upcoming changes to GMC regulation and the potential effects of BREXIT, there was increased interest on the ramifications for international education. Choosing universities on their merits and those with a track record of academic excellence was the take home message.

Study Medicine in Europe Presentation

Ben Ambrose delivered the Study Medicine in Europe presentation to a packed audience at Arsenal Football Club

Ben Ambrose introduced the eager audience to all of the Medical Doorway partners. Counsellors discovered how Medical Doorway’s unique relationships with universities enables their students to utilise our free of charge service. The presentation continued by addressing the opportunities and challenges of applying to study medicine in Europe and the problems associated with fee charging agencies.

Before the presentation Ben held individual meeting with counsellors to assist current Year 13 students aiming to enrol in September.

This was part of Medical Doorway’s ongoing outreach activity which is continuing across the UK through the academic year.

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