2018 Graduate Entry Medicine entrance exams. PUMS

Poznan University of Medical Sciences - Day 1

The first exam took place in London on Saturday 7th July 2018.

Medical Doorway continued our partnership with Poznan University of Medical Sciences by running two more days of examinations in London. This year has delivered even more interest in this prestigious university in Western Poland. This is largely due to the increasing number of PUMS graduates successfully transitioning to the NHS. The English language medical programme is also recognised by the Medical Board of California.

Held once again at Birkbeck University of London, over thirty students registered to sit these exams. Nearly all students were applying to the university’s unique four-year graduate entry medicine programme with a small number also applying to study dentistry.

Students sat the multiple-choice examination assessing their scientific knowledge. A short personal aptitude paper was then sat. Once the papers were marked, an in-depth interview followed. This further probed scientific knowledge and motivations to study medicine in Poland.

Prof. Anna Jankowska (Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences) and Prof. Leszek Kubisz (Head of Biophysics) travelled to the UK for the exams. Our guests from Poland were supported by Ben Ambrose who co-ordinated the two days and received the offer letters.

Ben Ambrose of Medical Doorway with Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Prof. Anna Jankowska and Prof. Leszek Kubisz were supported by Ben Ambrose (Medical Doorway)

Poznan University of Medical Science is one of Poland’s most prestigious universities with a diverse cohort of students in attendance. The unique offer is their four year graduate entry programme with integrated USMLE preparation. Unlike credit recognition offered by some less prestigious universities (for nothing more than financial gain), the programme at Poznan is a specially designed Graduate Entry Medicine programme recognised in the UK and USA.

Students will be enrolling at Poznan University of Medical Science in the last week of August 2018. Poznan itself is a large city of over 500,000 people with a huge student population. With direct flights from London and Birmingham the university is in a very convenient location.

Meet Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Do you want to meet Poznan University of Medical Sciences in the UK? Every year we host our exclusive open day at the Royal Society of Medicine. Last year a large number of this years applicants met the team from Poznan at MD-Expo.

Book your free tickets to MD-Expo 2018 now and start your journey to medical school with Medical Doorway.

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