2020 Czech Republic Medical and Dental Entrance Exams: Brazil

There is exciting news for aspiring doctors and dentists in the Americas. Due to popular demand from schools and students, three Czech Republic medical faculties will be running their exams in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2020. Organised by Medical Doorway, the exams are being held over a three-day period to give students from the region the best chance to get multiple offers to these world-ranked medical programmes.

The examinations in Brazil will bring new opportunities to students across Latin America.

The exams are happening one week after the conclusion of the 2020 International Baccalaureate exams. Sao Paulo is also Latin America’s primary business hub with connections to all the major regional population centres.

Brazil is joining the UK and Hong Kong as locations for our popular Czech Republic entrance exams. This means we now hold exams on three continents meaning students can opt to sit multiple exams closer to their home. This avoids the need to travel to Central Europe on multiple occasions.

Three Czech Republic Medical Schools

Thirty-five students registered for the Second Faculty of Medicine Entrance Examination in London.

The examinations in Brazil will bring new opportunities to students across Latin America.

The exams are open to all but are ideally suited to students across Latin and Central America. Students from South and South West Africa can also opt to sit the exams in Brazil.

We will be welcoming three faculties to Brazil. Charles University First Faculty of Medicine is one of the oldest medical faculties in the world and is located in the centre of Prague. Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove is one of the largest medical schools in the region. Palacky University offers a prestigious faculty in one of the most beautiful locations in Central Europe. World renowned surgeon Dr Bohdan Pomahac graduated from this faculty before becoming one of the USA’s most famous surgeons.

All students will receive access to our Czech Test Prep programme and the full in-country support of Medical Doorway.

2020 Latin American Entrance Exams

Students can apply using one single application form and register for all these exams in less than ten minutes. With our offer guarantee, applicants who do not secure at least one offer will receive an examination fee refund. Below you will find details of all the Brazil exams and can make your application direct to Medical Doorway.

Friday 29th May – Charles University in Hradec Kralove
Saturday 30th May – Palacky University
Sunday 31st May – Charles University First Faculty of Medicine

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