Achtung Bitte!! Full scholarships at Charles University announced!

On Tuesday 28th November the Medical Doorway team were in Hannover as part of our Germany outreach tour. During this stop we had the opportunity to hold a meeting with the “Sister Euthymia Foundation” (Schester Euthymia Stiftung). This foundation is a network of four hospitals in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, committed to offering first-class healthcare. In addition, they are committed to helping aspiring doctors qualify from world-ranked medical schools without the financial burden of paying tuition fees.

We are therefore delighted to announce that this foundation is providing full scholarships for aspiring doctors to study at Charles University First Faculty and Charles University Second Faculty in Czech Republic. At present there are six scholarships per year, but there are plans to extend this.

As can be expected, there are criteria to qualify for such an opportunity. Irrespective of nationality, all candidates need sufficient German language competence at the time of application.

To apply, candidates need to follow the steps below:

  1. Apply on the Medical Doorway website
  2. Sit our Charles University entrance exams in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar or Brazil (in English)
  3. Pass the entrance exam(s) and university interview(s) (in English)
  4. Apply for the scholarship directly to Schester Euthymia Stiftung (in German)
  5. Undergo scholarship assessment including an in-person interview (in German)

Your commitment to Germany

If you are selected for the university and scholarship you can then commence your medical studies in September. Your tuition fees will be paid, in-full, for the duration of the six-year medial degree. Once you have graduated, you are guaranteed a job with Sister Euthymia Foundation. Here, you will work and develop your skills across their hospitals as you start to specialise. You will have five-year commitment to work in these hospitals in exchange for them covering your tuition fees. After the five-year period, your fees are written off as a full grant.

This truly is a unique offer for anyone who wants to study medicine and then work in Germany after graduation. Aspiring applicants should get in touch with us now or apply immediately to commence your examination preparation.

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