Celebrating one hundred and forty years of Bulgarian independence

On Tuesday 6th March, Medical Doorway had the pleasure to attend a cultural celebration at the Bulgarian Embassy in London. The 2018 celebrations marked one hundred and forty years since Bulgaria’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Ben Ambrose with Ambassador Konstantin Dimitrov

Ambassador Konstantin Dimitrov invited Medical Doorway to join the celebrations at the Bulgarian Embassy in London.

Ben Ambrose (CEO of Medical Doorway) was invited by His Excellency Ambassador Konstantin Dimitrov. The embassy hosted an exhibition of Bulgarian art as well as a performance by actor Vasil Banov. Bulgarian diaspora and others connected to the embassy came together for this memorable evening. As well as the cultural presentations there was an opportunity to enjoy traditional Bulgarian food and wine.

Meanwhile in Bulgaria, Medical University Pleven students enjoyed a break from their studies to commemorate this occasion. The Russo-Turkish War which paved the way for Bulgarian independence took place between 1877-1878.

Ben Ambrose with Svetozar Dimitrov

Ben Ambrose met up with the embassy’s press secretary Svetozar Dimitrov.

Pleven was a site of a major battle which you can find out more about by visiting Pleven’s many museums. Pleven’s panorama depicts this battle and is one the largest examples of such artwork in the world.

Learning more about the culture and history of the country in which you are studying is one of the benefits of being an international student and choosing to Study Medicine in Europe.

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