Czech Republic Entrance Exams in London, Dubai and Hong Kong

Now that the 2022 enrolment is a distant memory, attention turns to the application and selection cycle for 2023. As the world opens post Covid-19 medical faculties are returning to in-person examinations. Medical Doorway has arranged a series of global exams to widen access to the Czech Republic medical schools for more students.

Czech Republic Medical School Entrance Exams

The Czech Republic medical school entrance exams in London are some of the largest in the world.

We are continuing to run exams in London in April and late June before and after A-level exams have taken place. The April exams are open to students of every nationality while the June exams are exclusively for citizens of the UK, EU or EEA.

Our Hong Kong exams for Charles First and Second Faculties will take place on 26th May and 27th May, after the IB exams have concluded. There will also be an online exam for Palacky University on 24th May, open to all applicants.

In a first for Medical Doorway we are hosting our first exams in the United Arab Emirates. On 18th March we will be running our First Faculty of Medicine entrance exam in Dubai. The Second Faculty of Medicine exam will be taking place the day after, 19th March. This gives students based in the region two chances to secure a medicine seat at Charles University in Prague.

To see a full list of our entrance exams for 2023 please head to our examination page. Students who are ready to apply can make their application directly using our Czech application forms. All students will still get access to our Czech Test Prep system, full visa support and transition assistance.

For more information book tickets to our London Open Day on Saturday 26th November.

Study medicine or dentistry in the Czech Republic with Medical Doorway.

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