Czech Republic Medical and Dental Entrance Exams in the USA

Medical Doorway is hosting Czech Republic entrance exams in New York, USA.

Medical Doorway is hosting Czech Republic entrance exams in New York, USA.

Due to popular demand, the team at Medical Doorway are delighted to announce that in 2021 students in the Americas can sit our Czech Republic entrance exams in the USA. Previously, applicants from the Americas had to travel to the UK, Hong Kong or Czech Republic to sit these examinations. In order to give multiple opportunities to students, four examinations have been scheduled. Two of these exams will take place online with another two being held in-person in New York, USA.

Four Czech Republic University Options

The Czech Republic offers amazing opportunities for students seeking to qualify as a doctor or dentist. Situated in the heart of Europe, The Czech Republic is famous for the exceptional quality of its medical education. Other student focused benefits include:

  • Six years of studies in Medicine and five years for Dentistry
  • Direct admission from high school. No pre-med degree required
  • FAFSA approval for some faculties
  • Global recognition
  • Medical Board of California accreditation for some faculties
  • Proven graduate employment track records
  • Significant cost savings in term of tuition and living.

New York was the obvious choice for the in-person exams given the convenient connections from across the Americas. As such, students from across the continents are only one flight away from these exams. Two of the exams will be held online meaning applicants can sit these from the comfort of their own homes:

Masaryk University – 24th May online at 11am EDT/8am PDT

Masaryk University is one of few European medical schools that qualifies for US Federal Funding. Located in Brno, it is a short train journey from Prague or Vienna in Austria. The university is one of Europe’s best equipped medical schools. It is also the site of a state-of-the art clinical simulation centre built with a €40m European Union grant. Study Medicine at Masaryk University for only $13,000 est. per year or Dentistry for $14,500 est. per year.

Charles University Third Faculty of Medicine – 25th May online at 11am EDT/8am PDT

Charles University Third Faculty of Medicine is an innovative faculty offering an intergraded, problem orientated medical curriculum. This makes the teaching style more similar to those in American and Canadian medical schools. Located in a quiet area of Prague next to one of city’s hospitals you can study medicine here for $14,500 est. per year.

Charles University First Faculty of Medicine – 5th June in New York at 10am EDT

The First Faculty of Medicine is the eleventh oldest medical school in the world. One of Europe’s leading medical schools, it offers the chance to study in the centre of beautiful Prague. With graduates working all over the globe, the First Faculty is both approved for US Federal Funding and its English medicine programme is recognised by the Medical Board of California. Both Medicine and Dentistry can be studied at Charles University First Faculty of Medicine for only $17,500 est. a year.

Palacky University – 6th June in New York at 10am EDT

Located in the small town of Olomouc, Palacky University is the second oldest medical school in the Czech Republic. This makes everything reachable by foot, bike or via the highly efficient tram system. The tuition fees are some of the most competitive in Central Europe. Studying medicine costs only $12,500 est. per year, with dentistry costing only $14,000 est. per year. The clinical outcomes are exceptional and Palacky University is the Alma Mater of Dr Bohdan Pomahac who led the USA’s first full face transplant.

Applying and preparing for your exam

The entrance exams are science based, comprising multiple-choice questions in Biology, Chemistry and your choice of Maths or Physics (for First Faculty Physics is mandatory). Applications can be made in less than ten minutes using our central application form. Medical Doorway offers all applicants access to our Czech Test Prep programme to provide the best preparation for the upcoming entrance exams.

Sit your Czech Republic in the USA with Medical Doorway

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