Masaryk University graduates interviewed for NHS Jobs!

For the third year running the St. Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust near Liverpool has traveled to Czech Republic and more specifically the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University to interview and make offers of employment to newly graduated doctors.

This tradition started when the trust saw the excellent medical practice offered by their first employed graduates and now visits to the university annually to recruit doctors for Foundation Year posts at the trust.

The delegation is led by Professor Michael Scott who is considered one of Europe’s leading hernia surgeons and also Medical HR Manager Ms Colette Hunt.

For students who want to study medicine in Europe, the No.1 question is always their employability after graduation. This factor is largely down to the quality of the education received and the reputation of the university in producing medical professionals who are able to deliver high quality patient care in the complex NHS environment.

With more universities offering medical education in english it may at first appear that all universities would be considered the same but this is not the case. Many universities offering medical education (often at very low fees) have no track record of graduation into NHS jobs. These universities are no more than a gamble and the sad reality is many students that have gone down this path will find out they are not as highly regarded as doctors from universities with an established pedigree.

Masaryk University in Czech Republic offers world facilities with high levels of graduate employment

Study Medicine in Europe – Masaryk University boasts a high level of graduate employment.

The fact that a NHS hospital is interviewing at Masaryk University for Foundation Year jobs tells you all you need to know about how your medical qualification from Brno is valued.

Study Medicine in Europe at Masaryk University in Brno

If you want to apply for Masaryk University the last entrance exam of the year his taking place in London on Friday 15th July and places are now very limited. More details can be found here or complete the application form by clicking on the button below and send it to us at [email protected].

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