Medical Doorway becomes a GEMS partner in Middle East

The team at Medical Doorway have been supporting students from across the globe for over eleven years. As such, our global reach increases annually and every year we have been supporting an increasing number of students. This has been very evident in the Middle East where we have working with more students and schools. We are now delighted to formally announce that we have partnered with GEMS Education and are their appointed partner to counsel students who want to purse medical education in the UK, Europe, and Caribbean.

GEMS education is a network of forty-seven private international schools across the UAE, Qatar, and Egypt. Known globally for offering A-levels, IB, CBSE and AP pathways. GEMS students are competitive in securing places at the world highest ranked universities.

Medical Doorway is famous for high ethical standards. We also offer unrivalled support to students applying some of the world’s most renowned medical schools. Building on our established work with international schools, GEMS Education appointed us to be their designated partner to advise their students on the non-UCAS pathways to our medical school partners.

This is a truly exciting and innovative project. We are looking forward to supporting GEMS students on their journey to medical schools around the world. To make this happen the Medical Doorway team will be visiting several GEMS schools this coming November. We are looking forward to meeting the students, parents, teachers, and college counsellors of the GEMS community.

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