Medical Doorway to support US Veterans into Medical School

Medical Doorway are delighted to announce a new project to support US military personnel and veterans into medical school in Europe. We have teamed up with Service to School to provide free of charge counselling and application management to those reaching the end of their time in the military and transitioning into civilian life.

This partnership will raise awareness of the vast number of opportunities available to military veterans. Medical Doorway, along with our university partners will then guide the students through the application and selection process. This will include preparing applicants for the relevant entrance exams and interviews. Finally, we will be there, on the ground, supporting the enrolment and transition to medical school.

An increasing number of US military personnel are keen to pursue medical studies after their service has ended. Veterans from the military often look for a career were they can serve the wider civilian community. A career in medicine is therefore the perfect fit for many veterans. This is especially suitable for service men and women who undertook medical roles in their military career. The discipline, dedication and determination developed when serving in the military are all skills required by medical practitioners. This project will blend the practical experiences gained through active duty with the academic excellence offered by world-class medical schools such as Masaryk University and Charles University in Prague.

Full Financial Support Available

We have teamed up with Service 2 School to support US veterans into European medical schools

We have teamed up with Service 2 School to support US veterans into European medical schools

Many of our world-raked medical schools are US GI Bill approved. This means qualifying applicants will find their tuition and living expenses are largely covered by this generous scheme.

We are launching this project with a joint webinar on 15th April. This is exclusive for those currently in or who have recently left US military service. Through our partnership with Service to School, applicants can be assured of a comprehensive and free of charge support package.

This is the start of a long-term project to support these brave young men and women into the next chapter of their career by helping them gain admission to the best medical schools in Europe. Over the coming years we are expecting to support a large number of veterans secure a career in medicine or dentistry.

Medical Doorway is determined to give back to those that have given so much through their service.

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