Medical School Opportunities on IB Results Day

Medical School IB

Medical Doorway have five medical school options across Europe for students receiving their IB results.

On 5th July, International Baccalaureate results are being released to colleges across the globe. Thousands of hardworking students will then find out if they have secured their seat at the university of their choice. For aspiring doctors and dentists this year has presented an added level of uncertainty with the cancellation of IB exams.

The good news is that there are still a number of world-ranked university options for students who find themselves still looking for a seat at medical school.

Queen Mary University of London MBBS (Malta)

The deadline for applications to the QMUL MBBS taught in Malta has been extended. It is therefore still possible to gain a seat on a UK medical programme in September 2020. IB candidates will be required to have 37 points overall with a 665 on the Higher-Level subjects. Two of these need to be science subjects. The fees are €20,500 per year.

Apply to QMUL MBBS Malta

University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

The MD programme at the University of Nicosia is popular with students from across the globe. This year we have helped student from Europe, North America and Asia secure offers at what is one of the largest universities in Southern Europe. UNIC offers medical students world-class facilities, amazing accommodation and clinical placement opportunities in the USA. The fees are €18,000 per year for year 1-3 and €22,000 per year for years 4-6. A fee discount scholarship of up to 20% is available.

Apply to the University of Nicosia

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Housing some of Europe’s best facilities, Masaryk University is one of the most popular programmes in the Medical Doorway network. Based in the city of Brno, the university is the site of a brand-new clinical simulation centre built with a €40m EU grant. The faculty has established graduate employment pathways across Europe, the UK, The Middle East and North America. This is ideal for students who want a world-ranked university at an affordable tuition fee level. The fees are €11,500 (est.) per year for medicine and €12,500 (est.) a year for dentistry. The next entrance exam in online on 17th July and is open to all EU, EEA and UK citizens.

Apply to Masaryk University

Palacky University (Czech Republic)

The second oldest medical school in the Czech Republic, Palacky University has a reputation for academic excellence. The surgeon who led the USA’s first full face transplant university studied medicine at Palacky University. The faculty is situated in the picturesque Moravian town of Olomouc. This puts it on the high-speed train line direct to Prague giving added convenience for students. The fees are €10,500 per year for medicine and €11,800 a year for dentistry. The next entrance exam in online on 20th July and is open to all EU, EEA and UK citizens.

Apply to Palacky University

Pleven Medical University (Bulgaria)

Pleven have been teaching medicine in English since 1997 making it the most established university in Bulgaria. Medical University Pleven offers aspiring doctors the opportunity to gain an EU accredited medical degree at a very affordable €7500 per year. The next enrolment is in February 2021. Students have to sit a basic online entrance exam in Chemistry and Biology.

Apply to Pleven Medical University

The team at Medical Doorway have been supporting aspiring doctors and dentists since 2011. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic creating new uncertainties, Medical Doorway are here to provide a pathway for students to gain access to world-ranked programmes that lead to global career opportunities.

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