Meeting at Czech Embassy in UAE

The team from Medical Doorway recently held a highly constructive meeting at the Czech embassy in Abu Dhabi. We held this meeting to co-ordinate a seamless visa application experience for applicants in UAE. This was an expansion on our collaborative work with embassies in the UK and South East Asia.

The Medical Doorway team met with colleagues at the Czech Embassy in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The Medical Doorway team met with colleagues at the Czech Embassy in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

In 2023 Medical Doorway is running Czech Republic entrance exams for Charles University. Our First Faculty of Medicine exam is taking place on Saturday 18th March. In addition, a Second Faculty of Medicine exam will run on Sunday 19th March. This is conveniently before the Ramadan holidays and allows sufficient time to secure student visas.

During our meeting at the embassy, we met with Deputy Ambassador Mr Oldřich Zajíček. We also had discussions with Consul Lucie Svobodová. It was agreed that Medical Doorway visa days can be arranged as we will be taking care of all the necessary paperwork in advance.

Students in the UAE and across the Middle East now have opportunity to utilise the expert services of Medical Doorway. This avoids the needs to pay other agencies huge sums of money. Medical Doorway applicants get our exam preparation and live interview preparation programme 100% free of charge.

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We are also arranging a local student/parent preparation package to ensure students and their family are prepared for the transition from school to Charles University. Our team will also be on the ground in Prague for enrolment in September 2023.

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