School Outreach by Medical Doorway in Qatar

The Medical Doorway team have been working with students and schools in the Middle East for many years. This work has grown substantially since we became a GEMS for Life partner. The partnership led to our first Get Into Medicine event and then was followed up by outreach visits in nearby Qatar.

During this visit we were joined by Professor Eitan Brizman from Charles University First Faculty of Medicine. Professor Brizman and the Medical Doorway team then embarked on a series of school visits. During the four days, we visited thirteen schools across Qatar. This includes schools ran by GEMS and Qatar Energy.

To ensure that all students get the full service we pride ourselves on, we held a constructive meeting at the Czech Republic embassy in Doha. This partnership is instrumental in ensuring students secure their student visas

Entrance exams in Qatar and UAE

We are delighted to be offering outreach and entrance exams in Doha and Dubai. In 2024, we are offering five in person exams on one online exam. These exams are open to all students and are popular with candidates from across the Middle East and North Africa.

Applications can be made using our central application forms. All applicants get full access to our Czech Test Prep system and our live interview preparation.

Study medicine or dentistry in The Czech Republic with Medical Doorway.

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