Three dates for online Pleven Medical University examinations

2020 was another successful year for Medical University Pleven and Medical Doorway.

2020 was another successful year for Medical University Pleven and Medical Doorway.

Medical Doorway are continuing to receive applications and offers for Pleven Medical University. One of the requirements to secure a place at MU-Pleven is to sit their entrance examination. This exam comprises multiple choice questions in Biology and Chemistry. As the exclusive UK representative of Pleven, we would ordinarily conduct these exams in Manchester and London every year. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we are moving the exams to an online format and giving students three opportunities to sit them.

Dates for Pleven Medical University Online Examinations

3rd August 2020
26th September 2020
10th October 2020

This innovative change gives more students the opportunity to study at one of Europe’s most popular medical schools. There is a €200 examination fee levied by the university but as always, Medical Doorway’s service is 100% free of charge.

The next enrolment at MU-Pleven is in February 2021. This provides ample time for the Covid-19 situation in Europe to continue to improve. It also means you have time to make an informed decision on your future as a medical student.

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