Webinar for Medical Students in Ukraine – 7th March 2022

Medical Doorway has bene closely following the horrific situation in Ukraine. This war, caused by Russian president Vladimir Putin, is having a devastating effect on Ukraine. It is an aggressive act in blatant contravention of international law and of the sovereignty of Ukraine. We are in awe of the bravery of the Ukrainian people in standing up to such aggression. Everyone hopes a cessation of hostilities comes quickly and the people of Ukraine can live their lives in peace.

We have been contacted by hundreds of international students who have been studying at Ukrainian medical schools. Due to concerns about the security situation since 2014, Medical Doorway has never worked with any Ukrainian programmes. However, we stand in solidarity with students who have been affected by these events and are in communication with our partner universities to see how we can all offer support.


So far, some universities are starting initiates and we are exploring opportunities for admission and potential transfers. This is work in progress and is an evolving situation.

We are also appalled to find out that other agencies, including many that have facilitated student enrolment to Ukraine, are attempting to further charge students to apply to other programmes. This is abhorrent profiteering especially as some of these programmes have no graduate employment track record.

To support students in this situation, Medical Doorway and our universities are offering a free Webinar to address any questions students may have. We are liaising with our universities to offer pathways to enrolment and by the time of this webinar will have a clearer picture of the possibilities.

The Webinar is scheduled for Monday 7th March at 12:30pm (UK time). Registration is required and you can sign up below.


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