Webinar Success- Study Medicine in UK/Europe

On Wednesday 7th October 2020, Ben Ambrose led a series of Webinars for students based in the Asia/Pacific region. Hundreds of aspiring doctors and dentists signed up for these talks. Ben was joined by one of our current medical students from Charles University First Faculty of Medicine. Aaron, from Hong Kong, realised studying medicine at Charles University would equip him with the knowledge and skills to excel in his career back in Hong Kong, the UK or USA. Now in his fifth year, he is preparing for his future and a licensed doctor.

During the webinar, Ben talked about the work of Medical Doorway and introduced a number of our partner universities. The process by which students go through to identify the right “fit” was highlighted. A full summary of the tuition fees and potential scholarship opportunities was offered. This ensured all students were aware of the vast opportunities available through Medical Doorway. The universities introduced were:

Following the webinar, attendees were able to ask questions to Ben and Aaron.

Medical Doorway have once again arranged entrance exams in Hong Kong to cater to the huge demand from students in the city and across Asia. These will be taking place one week after the IB exams have concluded.

A recording of the Webinar is available at the Medical Doorway YouTube Channel.


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