Celebrating at the Bulgarian Embassy in London

Ben Ambrose Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Ben Ambrose with Second Secretary Svetozar Dimitrov

Once again Medical Doorway were celebrating Bulgaria’s national liberation day at the Bulgarian Embassy in London. It is now 142 years since Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria came to an end. Two years after liberation, Bulgaria and the UK established diplomatic relations.

Ben Ambrose (Managing Director) was invited by newly installed ambassador His Excellency Mr Marin Raykov. During the celebrations notable academics from the UK and Bulgaria were presented with the Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius. This prestigious decoration is awarded as an honour in the fields of science, culture, or painting. Following the speeches and awards the guests and visiting diplomats enjoyed a musical performance. There was then time to network. Ambassadors from over one hundred countries were in attendance, alongside NGOs and businesses involved in bi-lateral trade

In Bulgaria, our students at Medical University Pleven will be enjoying some downtime as 3rd March is a national holiday. Over the next twelve months, Medical Doorway and colleagues from the Bulgarian embassy will continue to promote Bulgaria as a high-quality university destination. Regardless of the UK’s departure from the European Union, British students still have the same opportunities to pursue medical education in Bulgaria and return to work in the NHS.

Medical Doorway continues to be the authorised representative of Medical University Pleven and our service is free of any agency fee. In the coming weeks we will start to receive the first offers for the February 2021 enrolment.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Are you an aspiring doctor and want to study in Bulgaria? With tuition fees of only €7500 a year MU-Pleven offers and established pathway to your career. Get in touch with Medical Doorway and avoid being misled by fee-charging student recruitment agencies. Alternatively apply now using our online application form.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria with Medical Doorway.

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