Medical Doorway Outreach in Belgium

Getting honest advice on studying medicine in Europe can be difficult. With a plethora of unscrupulous fee-charging agencies muddying the waters, more and more students feel confused about the process. Thankfully, schools across the world (including those in Belgium) are turning to Medical Doorway to ensure their students and families do not get misled.

Our latest series of outreach visits took us to the Belgian capital Brussels where we supported three schools. We kicked off the day in Belgium with a student and parent presentation at Bogaerts International School. Here, we met students from three academic year groups, supported by their parents and teachers. Joining us was Professor Eitan Brizman from Charles University First Faculty of Medicine. As Schengen residents all students in the region can apply and sit our Berlin entrance exams, taking place in July.

Following this visit, we found ourselves in the huge International School of Brussels. Medical Doorway has a long history of working with this school. During the presentation, a packed audience discovered the vast array of medical school options available to them. Being the centre of EU diplomacy, the city is a melting post of diversity. This means students from across the world are based in Brussels and looking to continue their university education in Europe. Our last school visit brought us to the British School of Brussels. Here, we conducted one to one counselling with aspiring doctors and dentists.

Visiting schools across the globe

There is a renewed focus for schools to ensure their students get the correct advice and guidance. Over the coming months, Medical Doorway will find themselves in schools across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and China. We are determined to get the Medical Doorway message out to as many students and students as possible. We are due to be back in Belgium for more school activity in May of this year.

If you are a school counsellor and would like to reach out to our amazing team, request a visit at our “Supporting Schools” page and we will be in touch.

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