Medical Doorway supporting students in Indonesia

The Medical Doorway team provided student counselling after presenting at the Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia.

The Medical Doorway team provided student counselling after presenting at the Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia.

Following our successful enrolment at Medical University Pleven there was no time to rest. We were flying straight out to Asia following an invitation from four international schools in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

This was part of our commitment to enable students of any background to succeed in gaining access to world-ranked programmes. Student recruitment agencies are busy charging students thousands of pounds to attend universities with little academic reputation. Medical Doorway however, is committed to opening access to high quality medical education visiting schools all over the world.

Following our arrival into the vibrant and highly developed Indonesian capital we held meetings with the college counselling team and students at Jakarta Intercultural School. The team moved on to Global Jaya School where we met with the dedicated student counselling team. Tunas Muda was the third school we visited and was followed by a presentation hosted by the Bina Bangsa School. Here we delivered a presentation to a packed auditorium of keen and attentive students.

While this was a short visit, we came face to face with a large number of students and have opened doors previously unknown to young people across the city. More students from across the Asian-Pacific region have an aspiration to study medicine or dentistry and with our exams in Hong Kong taking place in May 2020 they know have more opportunities than ever before.

Medical Doorway are being invited into schools far and wide. Our goal is to connect students to their future and stopping them being misled by unscrupulous fee-charging agents.

This visit was part of a two-city outreach trip after our activity in Hong Kong was rescheduled. Medical Doorway then continued onto Singapore for further visits to schools across the affluent city state.

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