Charles University Entrance Exams in Dubai

Medical Doorway conducted Charles University First and Second Faculty entrance exams at GEMS World Academy in Dubai

Medical Doorway conducted Charles University First and Second Faculty entrance exams at GEMS World Academy in Dubai

Medical Doorway has been a partner for Charles University for many years. As such, we have been organising multiple entrance exams for the Charles faculties and have a huge number of current students and graduates. Previously, we have been conducting our exams in the UK and Hong Kong. However, we are committed to empowering more students to apply to these world class faculties. This involves running exams in a wider number of locations, including Dubai.

Following our establishment as a GEMS for Life partner, we were excited at the opportunity to run our Charles University entrance exams in Dubai. The inaugural exams took place on the weekend of 18th and 19th March. On Saturday 18th March we conducted the First Faculty of Medicine exam. Vice-Dean Professor Eitan Brizman and Professor Tereza Tomankova flew to Dubai to support us in this selection event. The following day our colleagues from Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine conducted their exam led by Ms Petra Fabingerova. Over the two days, applicants from across the Middle East, India and New Zealand sat the multiple-choice exams. Both exams took place at the flagship school GEMS World Academy. This conforms with our policy of conducting exams in centres of learning and not commercial venues such as hotels.

Students who passed the first faculty exam were then registered to sit the MMI style interview on 30th March. Second Faculty of Medicine interviews took place immediately following the exam in Dubai. Offers were then made on the day of the exam to those that were selected. All applicants received access to our Czech Test Prep system and had interview preparation via zoom by managing director Ben Ambrose.

Are you an aspiring doctor or dentist and want to join the thousands of graduates from Charles University who work in the UK and across the world? If the answer is yes, then Medical Doorway is running exam in London and Hong Kong later in 2023.

Make your application now using our central application forms.

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